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Preparing for Bar Mitzvah shouldn’t be a chore

As a Rabbi, I’ve heard many candid recollections of the often rote and tedious nature of Bar / Bat Mitzvah preparation. These stories inspired me to create an alternative – particularly for families who aren’t affiliated with a synagogue. With a virtual format, your son can enjoy the lessons when it suits his schedule and when he’s at his best. In each lesson, I use “kitchen table speak” and simple, real-world examples to keep your son engaged – always encouraging him to think about, talk about, and apply those lessons in his own life.

A big part of why my lessons are so different from other options is that I’m not just reciting concepts and dogma. I spotlight the “why” behind those concepts – explaining how key aspects of Judaism are relevant today – and why it matters and makes a difference in our lives. My primary aim is to spark “AH HA” moments – for both sons and parents – which leads me to…

WHY matters

When parents are engaged, children are engaged

I can think of no better compliment than when parents tell me these lessons opened their own eyes to new ways of relating to their son. Now, more than ever, we’ve all come to appreciate the importance of nurturing our most precious relationships. With that in mind, I have designed these lessons to inspire family dialogue and story-sharing – bringing parents and sons together in their values and beliefs.

I’ve been a Rabbi for 20 years, but I am still continually in awe that the teachings of Judaism – though thousands of years old – remain so impactful in our lives today. Just about every question, challenge, or opportunity we face today can be better understood and acted upon using classic, Jewish wisdom.

And this is precisely the “invitation” of The Bar Mitzvah Prep School – to inspire your son to use the gift of this timeless lens to build confidence, his relationships, and a deeper understanding of his purpose in the world. And that’s really what this time in your son’s life is all about!

Judaism is timeless – and can positively impact every aspect of our lives


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