Wondering if this course is for you?

Check out some of our most commonly asked questions and concerns below.

Does my son need to have any religious affiliation or connection to a synagogue?

No. This course is completely non-denominational and inclusive of Jewish boys from all walks of life, regardless of their affiliation.

My son knows he’s Jewish by birth, but he’s not sure if he identifies with the Jewish religion, or any religion for that matter.

Think of this course as an opportunity to learn about life, not just religion. It's about gaining a sense of self-awareness and perspective on the world, while also introducing a fresh perspective on what religion is all about.

My son doesn’t have time to think about anything other than schoolwork and extracurricular activities.

He can do this course completely at his own pace. Once you buy the course, it will always remain available.

Will my son get a certificate upon completion of the course?

Yes! When he completes the course, he’ll get a personalized plaque to display at his Bar Mitzvah, celebrating his achievement and milestone.

Is there homework?

Aside from the various follow up actions suggested throughout the course, there is no homework.

Are there any quizzes or tests?

Yes, there are short multiple-choice quizzes after each lesson. I include these quizzes because it helps students internalize the information and ensures they're getting the maximum benefits from the course. But of course…the ultimate test is putting it to use in real life!

What topics does the course cover?

The course includes twenty 15-minute lessons on topics ranging from life purpose, to faith, and so much more. Lessons include:

1. What is a bar mitzvah?
2. Your body and soul
3. Hello G-D
4. How to pray
5. The Torah
6. What is a Mitzvah?
7. What makes food Kosher?
8. Love your fellow
9. Our Holy Land Israel
10. Shabbat, our day of rest

11. Jewish holidays and fast days
12. Life after life
13. The Mitzvah of Tefillin
14. Jewish life cycle events
15. The Jewish calendar
16. Learning to have faith
17. What is my purpose?
18. Taking responsibility
19. The Jewish people
20. Our destination

Should my son use a computer while taking the course?

Ideally, yes. I recommend using a computer or laptop since the platform works smoother; however, the course is also compatible with smartphones and tablets if necessary.

Is there a specific schedule for the course?

The lessons are taught in a specific order, and I recommend not waiting too long in between the lessons. That said, once you buy the course, it will always remain available.

How can I arrange to have my son's Bar Mitzvah ceremony or service?

I am part of an international network of Rabbis, and I will happily connect you with a Rabbi in your area to assist you with officiating at your ceremony. If you would like to have your son's celebration in Israel, I can connect you with my colleague who arranges Bar Mitzvahs at the Western Wall.

Can we see your style of teaching?

Here is a sample from one of my course lessons.


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