"We loved The Bar Mitzvah Course given by Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein! The lessons are very complete and easy to understand.  It far surpassed our expectations!"

"The way Rabbi Aryeh explains each subject is refreshing and encouraging, with real life examples that were helpful and enlightening, making spiritual themes much more relatable. The Online course gave us the flexibility we needed without missing the feeling and connection of an in person learning environment. The learning was meaningful to our personal and spiritual life and will be invaluable in our journey of faith."

Mother of Sonny - San Diego, California

Yaron Seidman
Father of Noah - Boca Raton, Florida

"I particularly liked the fact that you included links to external sites i.e., the 'when is your Jewish birthday' and 'how to put on tefillin', that was a nice touch. Even the 'heavier' topics' such as hell and death were communicated in a great way that didn't make me, the viewer, feel weird about thinking and learning about these topics. All in all, it's a great course! I'm surprised it took me so long to come across your site, I've been trying to find a crash course like this to do my Bar Mitzvah for some time now..."

Anonymous 29 year old
San Antonio, Texas  

"Although it's tailored for 12/13 year old's, I found it to still be very engaging and relatable; you have great analogies!! "

Xavier Greenberg
Bar Mitzvah Boy - Northampton, Massachusetts


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