Even though I’ve been a Rabbi for over 20 years, I still consider myself a “work in progress” – just like everybody else. Part of my evolution over the past few years has been to find new ways to combine my passion for teaching and my expertise in the science of Jewish spirituality.

I started the Bar Mitzvah Prep School as part of this journey, because the time leading up to Bar Mitzvah is a wonderful opportunity for young students to learn about the universality of Judaism. I’ve always been able to explain complex topics clearly – and get right to their core and meaning. This was my exact approach with these Bar Mitzvah prep lessons – each designed to guide students through a simple experience that spotlights Judaism as the deep, rich, and relevant gift that it is.

I know parents like to get to know their child’s teacher, so here’s a little bit more about me…I am the father of 9 children, a published author, creator of the Beginning Within (learn more here), and Rabbi of my synagogue in Newtown, PA, where I have specialized in teen and adult education. My teaching approach includes a blend of psychology, spirituality, clarity, conviction, and a passion for finding the right story to help students see the meaning of Judaism in their own lives.

I am a former member of the editorial board of the Jewish Learning Institute and have been a featured lecturer at the National Jewish Retreat.

My book, It’s Within You: A Detailed Road Map to Igniting, Deeper Self-Worth, Richer Relationships, and Greater Personal Freedom, was published in 2019. It was written to serve as a guide to living a life you create and direct – not one dictated by others or circumstances. It all comes down to one simple – but not always easy – shift in thinking: Stop expecting others to change, and work on changing yourself. The book supports your journey in making this shift – with tangible guidance for harnessing a new, stronger self-worth.

I am truly excited about this new opportunity to connect with more students on their journey to Bar Mitzvah. It has been (and will continue to be!) an honor to guide young men on this exciting time in their life – and to help families come together in new ways – with a greater appreciation for each other and the infinite ways that Judaism can support them as a source of strength, guidance, and inspiration.


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